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VOXL 2 Mini Shell Access

Table of contents

  1. Summary
  2. ADB
  3. SSH


There are two primary ways to access the VOXL 2 Mini shell:

J9using the USBC connection, you can connect to a host computer running Android Debug Bridge
J3using the USB3 interface, you can connect ethernet/wireless adapters and connect via SSH



See setup ADB page if you have not setup ADB on your host PC.

We recommend using a USBC to USBA flexible type cable to prevent too much torque on the J9 connector.


Here is an example screen shot that shows:

  • running the adb devices command to list connected VOXL 2 Mini device to the host PC
  • running the adb shell command to open a terminal running on VOXL 2 Mini



To setup the hardware, see the VOXL 2 Mini USB Connection page.

First you need to use the ADB method to get to a shell ;)

If using wireless, run the voxl-wifi utility to setup either in station mode or SoftAP mode.

If using wired ethernet, set up a static IP address.

Once this is done, you can disconnect the adb connection and add the network connection.