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VOXL SDK (Software Development Kit) consists of the open source core libraries, services, tools, utilities, and build environments that ModalAI provide to accelerate the use and development of VOXL compute boards and accessories.

VOXL SDK runs on VOXL, VOXL 2 and RB5 Flight!

The source code for projects within VOXL SDK can be found at alongside build instructions. This section of the manual serves to provide a description of the use and functionality of the software.


What is (Modal Pipe Architecture) MPA?

The vast majority of VOXL services, tools, and utilities require some inter-process communication to function. For example, voxl-qvio-server consumes camera data from voxl-camera-server and IMU data from voxl-imu-server to provide Visual Inertial Odometery (VIO). We use POSIX pipes as the underlying transport mechanism for this inter-process communication due to their robustness, efficiency, and portability. This structure is called Modal Pipe Architecture, or simply MPA.

To provide standardization and ease of use, all MPA services use the C/C++ library libmodal_pipe to create, publish, and subscribe to MPA data. This is not strictly necessary. Due to the nature of POSIX pipes, many things can be done in MPA simply by echo’ing and cat’ing to pipes from the command line or from other programming languages. However, libmodal_pipe remains the tested and recommended method for interacting with Modal Pipe Architecture.

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