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VOXL SDK (Software Development Kit) consists of the open source core libraries, services, tools, utilities, and build environments that ModalAI provide to accelerate the use and development of VOXL compute boards and accessories.

ModalAI is primarily a manufacturer of small compute boards designed to be integrated into final products by other OEMs. This section describes our Software Development Kit designed to help accelerate your own software development on VOXL hardware.

VOXL SDK runs on VOXL, VOXL 2, and RB5 Flight!

The build environment details for compiling code for the CPU, GPU, DSPs, and NPU can be found at the build-environments page.

The source code for projects within VOXL SDK can be found at alongside build instructions. This section of the manual serves to provide a description of the use and functionality of the software.


Please continue reading through the following sections to learn more:

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