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Qualcomm Flight RB5 PX4

System Bootup Behavior

PX4 starts automatically after the RB5 has connected to a network and an IP is obtained.

By default, we look for an IP address of 192.168 on the wlan0 interface.

This is specified in a systemd service file here:


You’ll notice we speficy an IP and an interface in this file in the ExecStart line. You can adjust as needed:


ExecStart=/usr/bin/rb5-net-check wlan0 192.168


Assuming the network is acquired, PX4 automatically starts.

Checking PX4 Status

systemctl status rb5-px4-start

If it is not running, it can be enabled to run on boot using the following:

systemctl enable rb5-px4-start

It can also be disabled from running at boot using:

systemctl disable rb5-px4-start

More information about the services is located here

PX4 Startup Configuration

The startup configuration is specified here:


The service that starts PX4 up on bootup is here:


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