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Finding VOXL’s SDK Version

voxl-version is a handy utility, especially if you ever open a case on the ModalAI forum (always tell us your SDK version!).

In VOXL’s bash shell, run the command:

voxl2:/$ voxl-version 
system-image: 1.6.2-M0054-14.1a-perf
kernel:       #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri May 19 22:19:33 UTC 2023 4.19.125
hw version:   M0054
voxl-suite:   1.0.0
Repo: ./dists/qrb5165/sdk-1.0/binary-arm64/
Last Updated: 2023-03-02 12:58:23
       libmodal-cv                  0.3.1
       libmodal-exposure            0.0.8
       libmodal-journal             0.2.2
       libmodal-json                0.4.3

The a.b.c in “voxl-suite: a.b.c” is the SDK version, what you probably care about most.

However, there are a few other version numbers printed. This is because VOXL’s firmware consists of two separate parts–“voxl-suite” and the System Image. The voxl-suite version number matches the version for the whole SDK release.

voxl-suite contains core ModalAI tools and services that run on VOXL. The system image contains the basic operating system, drivers, Linux kernel and various system partitions to make VOXL boot. While it’s possible to install these independently, we HIGHLY recommend running matched pairs of voxl-suite and system image as installed by a stable SDK installer.

On the next page, you’ll learn about flashing a new SDK, which flashes both voxl-suite and the System Image as a matched pair.

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