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VOXL 2 Wifi Dongle User Guide

Table of contents

  1. Summary
  2. Supported Wi-Fi Dongles
  3. Connect Wifi Dongle
  4. Related Video


VOXL 2 by itself doesn’t have Wi-Fi or a LAN port to keep the core size and weight low, but it’s easy to overcome.

The M0078-2 USB Debug add-on and M0090 or PCIe/5G Modem Carrier add-on board provides access to a USB 2.0 hub via a 4-pin and JST connector when used with 4-pin JST to USBA Female Cable.

This allows you to plug in a Wi-Fi dongle over USB.

Supported Wi-Fi Dongles

The following have been tested in an office environment and work on system image 1.1.2 and newer.

DongleChipsetNDAA ‘20 Section 848 CompliantRadio & FCC ReporrtLink 
Alfa AWUS036ACS 802.11ac AC600Realtek RTL8812AUYes (COO Taiwan)Frequency Range: 5180.0-5240.0, 5745.0-5825.0, 2412.0-2462.0LinkProduct Amazon
Alfa AWUS036EAC 802.11ac AC1200Realtek RTL8812AUYes (COO Taiwan) Product Amazon 
TP-link TL-WN725N N150Realtek RTL8818EUSNo (COO China) Product Link 

Connect Wifi Dongle

If you are using a VOXL USB expansion and emergency fastboot board, connect the JST to USB adapter onto:

  • USB2 Host on M0017
  • J3 on M0078

Then, plug your Wifi Dongle into the USB adapter.

First, ADB onto your device if you haven’t already done so - this is by connecting the USB-C adapter on the voxl2 onto the computer doing the editing:

adb shell

Then follow the VOXL Developer Bootcam WiFi Guide.