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VOXL 2 Wifi Dongle User Guide

Table of contents

  1. Summary
  2. Supported Wi-Fi Dongles
  3. Connect Wifi Dongle
  4. Station Mode
    1. Reboot
    2. Connect
  5. Soft-AP Mode
  6. Related Video


VOXL 2 by itself doesn’t have Wi-Fi or a LAN port to keep the core size and weight low, but it’s easy to overcome.

The M0078-2 USB Debug add-on and M0090 or PCIe/5G Modem Carrier add-on board provides access to a USB 2.0 hub via a 4-pin and JST connector when used with 4-pin JST to USBA Female Cable.

This allows you to plug in a Wi-Fi dongle over USB.

Supported Wi-Fi Dongles

The following have been tested in an office environment and work on system image 1.1.2 and newer.

DongleChipsetNDAA ‘20 Section 848 CompliantLink
Alfa AWUS036ACS 802.11ac AC600Realtek RTL8812AUYes (COO Taiwan)Product Amazon
Alfa AWUS036EAC 802.11ac AC1200Realtek RTL8812AUYes (COO Taiwan)Product Amazon
TP-link TL-WN725N N150Realtek RTL8818EUSNo (COO China)Product Link

Connect Wifi Dongle

If you are using a VOXL USB expansion and emergency fastboot board, connect the JST to USB adapter onto:

  • USB2 Host on M0017
  • J3 on M0078

Then, plug your Wifi Dongle into the USB adapter.

First, ADB onto your device if you haven’t already done so - this is by connecting the USB-C adapter on the voxl2 onto the computer doing the editing:

adb shell

Station Mode

To connect a Wifi Dongle to VOXL 2 in Station Mode, open the terminal and use:

voxl-wifi station <ssid> <password>

Now run the two following commands:

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl restart wpa_supplicant


The wifi dongle should now be connected to the voxl 2 via the USB-C connector. To take effect, you need to reboot.


In order to connect via SSH over the network, run the following after the necessary configurations have been done above:


Where the password associated to login is: oelinux123

Soft-AP Mode

To connect a Wifi Dongle to VOXL 2 in AP Mode, open the terminal and use:

voxl-wifi softap <ssid>

You can choose an SSID name, and the password defaults to ‘1234567890’