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Stream RTSP video using MIPI cameras from VOXL

This package is deprecated.

Please refer to VOXL Camera Server and VOXL Streamer for streaming cameras over RTSP.

Table of contents

  1. This package is deprecated.
  2. Overview
  3. Running VOXL-RTSP
  4. Viewing Video Stream
    1. RTSP Streaming to VLC or Quicktime
    2. RTSP Streaming to QGroundControl
  5. Accessing Raw Frames


voxl-streamer is replacing voxl-rtsp as the framework to access MIPI cameras. voxl-rtsp will be deprecated in the future.

VOXL-RTSP is a simple application to stream video from a VOXL image sensor using RTSP and, optionally, store video locally to a MP4 file. Run the video streaming application from the VOXL and view using a RTSP viewer such as VLC or Quicktime player.


The VOXL’s connectors are attached to the following Image Sensor Subsystem ports and have the following colloquial names.

PortImage Sensor IDColloquial Name
J20Hi-res Image Sensor Port
J31Stereo Image Sensor Port
J42Tracking Image Sensor Port

Run the streaming server on target, using the -c option with the specified Image Sensor ID to choose which image sensor to stream video from.

$ voxl-rtsp -c 0 # Stream video from Hi-res Image Sensor
Simple RTSP starting
Camera number: 0
Started camera 0
Created session
Video track created
Updated camera parameters
AE Mode: 1, Exposure: 15814, Gain: 100, AWB Mode: 1
Started session
Ctrl-c or 'kill 3038' to end

Some parameters to try:

Resolution: -s 3840x2160

Bitrate: -b 10000000

Viewing Video Stream

RTSP Streaming to VLC or Quicktime

Open streaming server’s RTSP URL in VLC or QuickTime player: rtsp://DEVICE_IP:PORT/live

  • Connect host system to VOXL’s WiFi

  • On the host system, run the VLC software

  • Go to Media > Open Network Stream

  • Enter RTSP URL, default: rtsp://

  • Click Play to view the video stream

RTSP Streaming to QGroundControl

  • The first step to streaming video to QGroundControl is connecting the VOXL system to QGroundControl through an IP connection. Instructions on establishing a connection to QGroundControl can be found here.

  • Next, in QGroundControl, press the purple QGC logo in the top left corner in order to Access the Application Settings menu.

  • Under the General tab, scroll down until you find the Video section.

  • Under the Video Source dropdown, choose RTSP Video Stream

  • In the RTSP URL field. enter the RTSP URL, default: rtsp://

  • You will now be able to view the video stream under QGroundControl’s Fly view.

Accessing Raw Frames

The voxl-rtsp -m option allows access to the raw frames from the MIPI cameras. This option creates a FIFO special file, a named pipe, that can be opened by many different types of processses for reading or writing.