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VOXL 2 Flight Deck Datasheet

Table of contents

  1. VOXL 2 Flight Deck Configurations
  2. High-Level Specs
  3. Mechanical Drawings

VOXL 2 Flight Deck Configurations

Part NumberDescription
MDK-F0006-1-01VOXL 2 Flight Deck with Microhard Modem Carrier Board and USB Hub
MDK-F0006-1-02VOXL 2 Flight Deck with 5G LTE Modem and USB Hub
MDK-F0006-1-03VOXL 2 Flight Deck with 2.4/5ghz WiFi Modem

High-Level Specs

Take-off WeightMicrohard: 144.4g
5G LTE: 165.3g
WiFi: 148.2g
ComputingVOXL 2 Flight
Flight ControlPX4 on DSP
Image SensorsStereo, Tracking, 4k High-resolution
Wireless CommunicationAdd-ons: Microhard, WiFi, or 5G LTE
Power ModulePower Module v3
BatteryUp to 6S (sold separately), buy here

Mechanical Drawings

The VOXL 2 Flight Deck 3D model can be found as a component of the Sentinel Drone 3D STEP model.