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How to Connect VOXL to Pixhawk

VOXL can be connected to any Pixhawk via a telemetry port, not just the ModalAI Flight Core!

VOXL talks to the Pixhawk via UART at 912600 baud at 5V logic level.

You can use MCBL-00008 for this connection.

Alternatively you can make a cable that connects VOXL Port J12 to one of Pixhawk’s “telem” or “UART/I2C” ports. Make sure to configure the appropriate port in PX4’s Mavlink parameters.

VOXL J12 HeaderPixhawk “telem” or “UART/I2C” Port
Pin 2 (TX)Pin 3 (RX)
Pin 3 (RX)Pin 2 (TX)
Pin 5 (GND)Pin 6 (GND)

For more details on Header J12 see the voxl-datasheet page. Note this is the only header that runs at 5V logic level which matches the Pixhawk.

Pixhawk is a trademark of Lorenz Meier