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VOXL Inspect Points

voxl-inspect-points is a tool to debug point cloud data in MPA. As a command line tool it provides no visualization but does indicate if data is being published along with the number and type of point.


yocto:/$ voxl-inspect-points -h

Tool to print point cloud data to the screen for inspection.
This will print up to the first 10 points received with each
message. For point clouds read from the TOF sensor, this will
print the 10 points across the middle of the image.

-h, --help              print this help message
-n, --newline           print newline between each pose

typical usage:
/# voxl-inspect-points tof_pc

Example Output

For example, to see if the Depth from Stereo is outputting data, run the following command. Note, you should be able to tab out any pipes with the point cloud type.

yocto:/$ voxl-inspect-points dfs_point_cloud

timestamp(ms)| # points | # bytes |  Format
     1728549 |     4800 |   57600 | Float XYZ


Source code available on Gitlab.