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VOXL 2 Computer Vision Quickstart

Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. Software Setup
  3. Configuration File
  4. Self Installation
  5. Cameras using voxl-portal



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The VOXL 2 hardware offers:

  • QTY 6 full 4 lane MIPI CSI-2 slots
  • 6 camera control interfaces (using 4 CCI ports)
  • 5 reference voltages per interface

The VOXL 2 software offers:

  • Open source SDK
  • Out of the box stack providing raw and processed sensor data through Linux named pipes using the very lightweight Modal Pipe Architecture (MPA)
    • HAL3 based camera server providing frames ready to be consumed
    • IMU server providing high resolution samples
    • QVIO server providing Visual Intertial Odometry
    • DFS server providing depth information
    • many more helper tools

Software Setup

The following utility can be used to configure the software based on your hardware configuration.


Configuration File

The configuration file an be inspected and edited if needed here:


Self Installation

The following video demonstrates how to setup the C11 development kit.

Cameras using voxl-portal

The following video demonstrates voxl-portal: