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VOXL Hexagon Docker Image

Table of contents

  1. Prerequisite
  2. Build and Install the voxl-hexagon Docker Image
  3. Signing aDSP modules for use on VOXL

Develop for VOXL’s Hexagon DSP (aDSP and sDSP/SLPI) in a Docker running on your Linux PC! This tool lets you use the docker build environments described in the build environments page.

The voxl-hexagon docker image is based on the x86_64 Ubuntu Bionic docker image but additionally contains the Qualcomm Hexagon SDK 3.1 and an ARM cross compiler. For legal reasons these components must be downloaded from their respective sources by the user before building the docker image. For convenience, Qualcomm Hexagon SDK 3.1 is also available to download here : Qualcomm Hexagon SDK 3.3.3 is available from (Linux version)

In this project, we provide instructions and a docker build script.


Follow the instructions to install Docker CE and the voxl-docker script here.

Build and Install the voxl-hexagon Docker Image

Complete instructions for building and installing the voxl-hexagon Docker are found in the voxl-docker README

Signing aDSP modules for use on VOXL

  • tested on SDK 3.1 and 3.3.3
  • get the board’s / DSP serial number:
    • cd Hexagon_SDK/3.1/tools/elfsigner/getserial/UbuntuARM_Release$
    • adb push getserial /home/root/
    • adb shell /home/root/getserial
    • output should be similar to : Serial Num : 0xfb6b0021
    • your serial number, e.g 0xfb6b0021 in thise case, should be used below as <serial_number>
  • get the signature for your device from Qualcomm
    • cd Hexagon_SDK/3.1
    • ./setup_sdk_env.source
    • python tools/elfsigner/ -t <serial_number> -o <path_to_output>/elf-signer-output
    • (note that without setting up the sdk environment, the elfsigner script behaves strangely)
  • push the signature to VOXL
    • adb push testsig-<serial_number>.so /usr/lib/rfsa/adsp/
    • REBOOT VOXL !!!
  • test using a simple project from