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Microhard USB Carrier Board

There are two configurations for the VOXL Microhard kits.

  • VOXL Add-on that plugs directly into VOXL’s board to board connector
  • Standalone USB Dongle

This datasheet describes the standalone USB dongle. Microhard Add-on information can be found in this Datasheet

Table of contents

  1. Specification
    1. Block Diagram
    2. Part Numbers
    3. Physical Specification
    4. Power Consumption
    5. Inputs
  2. Pictures
    1. Assembled with Cabling
  3. Board Connections and I/O
    1. Top of Board
    2. Bottom of Board
    3. USB Connections
    4. LEDs
    5. CFG Switch
  4. Slave Configuration
  5. Mechanical Drawings
    1. 2D Drawings
    2. 3D Drawings


Block Diagram

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Part Numbers

Part NumberSilkscreen MarkingDescription
MDK-M0048-2M0048 REV A* Added proper power input connector (SM02B-SFHRS-TF)
* Moved to LAN7500 ethernet controller for better compatibility with Android
MH-SA-1M0012 REV AInitial Release

Physical Specification

Dimensions49 x 40mm
Antenna Connector?? UFL-R-SMT-110
Recommend Antennas 
USB2 Host Connectors4 Position JST GH, Vertical, BM04B-GHS-TBT
USB2 Host Mating ConnectorJST GHR-04V-S

Power Consumption

M0048 Configuration5V Power Consumption (mA)
Baseline (USB Hub, Glue Logic, All LEDs ON)315
Baseline plus Qty-2 USB Peripherals at Max 500mA*1375
Baseline + Qty-2 DS USB* + Microhard 900MHz @ 10dBm2800
Baseline + Qty-2 DS USB* + Microhard 900MHz @ 30dBm3700
Baseline + Qty-2 DS USB* + Microhard 2400MHz @ 10dBm2500
Baseline + Qty-2 DS USB* + Microhard 2400MHz @ 30dBm3100

*For each of the two downstream peripherals removed from the hub, subtract 500mA plus ~30mA logic from the power requirement.


External 5VDC input required. Included in the kit is the 5V Stand Alone Dongle Cable, v1 MCBL-00017.


Assembled with Cabling


Board Connections and I/O

Top of Board


Bottom of Board


USB Connections

You can connect up to two USB-clients to the USB2 Host ports on the top of the board. A MCBL-00009 cable can be used, this is a 4-pin JST to USB Female Type A cable.

You can connect the carrier board to a host computer using the USB port on the bottom of the baord. Connect to a host computer with the MCBL-00010 stub cable, which is a 4-pin JST to microUSB female cable.


1TXFlashes GREEN indicating wireless TX traffic
2RXFlashes GREEN indicating wireless RX traffic
3RSSI-3Flashes GREEN to indicate the Received Signal Strength on the wireless link
4RSSI-2Flashes GREEN to indicate the Received Signal Strength on the wireless link
5RSSI-1Flashes GREEN to indicate the Received Signal Strength on the wireless link
6CPUSolid GREENindicates power to module and normal operation, flashing indicates boot or FW upgrade status
105VIlluminates solid GREEN indicating 5VDC USB bus power enabled
11Port3Illuminates solid GREEN indicating Port 3 USB power enabled
12Port4Illuminates solid GREEN indicating Port 4 USB power enabled

CFG Switch

Can be used to reset all settings to default values required for a Slave module.

Slave Configuration

To reset all settings to the default values required for a Slave module, press and hold the CFG Button, once the CPU LED begins to flash, continue to hold for 5 seconds, then release.

The module will then reset all settings to the default values required for a Slave module

Mechanical Drawings

2D Drawings


3D Drawings


Note: These 3D files contain all components on them. Some board configurations do not install “DNI” certain connectors or components. Please refer to the included diagrams and design schematics for more detailed information