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VOXL Inspect IMU

voxl-inspect-imu is a tool to check the imu measurements of the imus on voxl. It requires that VOXL IMU Server is running in the background, which can be checked with VOXL Inspect Services.



IMU: Which IMU to display data from. Available imus can be seen by typing voxl-inspect-imu {TAB} {TAB}. In almost all scenarios, your options are imu0 or imu1


-a –allShow all imu data, not scaled down for screen performance (this will print lines at ~1khz)voxl-inspect-imu imu0 -a
-h –helpPrint help messagevoxl-inspect-imu --help
-n –newlinePrint each sample on a new line instead of updating the current output linevoxl-inspect-imu imu0 -n

Example Output

yocto:/$ voxl-inspect-imu imu0

Acc in m/s^2, gyro in rad/s, temp in C

gravity| accl_x accl_y accl_z| gyro_x gyro_y gyro_z|  Temp |
  9.63 |  0.12  -9.57   1.08 |  0.01   0.02   0.00 | 35.03 | 
received SIGINT Ctrl-C

closing and exiting


Source code available on Gitlab.