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VOXL Inspect GPS

This tool subscribes to the /run/mpa/vvpx4_gps_raw_int pipe published by voxl-vision-px4 which provides a copy of all GPS_RAW_INT mavlink messages received from a PX4 flight controller.

Also note that voxl-portal subscribes to the same pipe and also shows GPS satellites in the top right corner of the webpage.


yocto:/$ voxl-inspect-gps

 dt(ms) |fix type|Sats|Latitude(deg)|Longitude(deg)| Alt(m) |Vel(m/s)|HorErr(m)|AltErr(m)|
  200.2 | 3D FIX |  5 |  32.9007509 | -117.2223741 |   10.9 |   0.02 |  33.962 |  30.965 |


If no data is displayed, then either voxl-vision-px4 is not running or PX4 is not connected or operating. PX4 may also not be connected to a GPS or configured to enable it.


Source code available on Gitlab.