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VOXL 2 Hardware Setup

Table of contents

  1. How to Setup Hardware
    1. Development Kit Contents
    2. VOXL2 Hardware Overview
    3. First Power On
    4. Connecting Image Sensors
    5. Modems Options
      1. 5G Cellular Connectivity
      2. 4G Cellular Connectivity
      3. Microhard Connectivity
      4. Wi-Fi Connectivity
      5. Ethernet Connectivity

How to Setup Hardware

Development Kit Contents

VOXL 2 is available in a variety of devlopment kits. Shown here is the MDK-M0054-1-C11.


 Development kit as shown above (includes all below)MDK-M0054-1-C11
AVOXL 2MDK-M0054-1-00
BVOXL Power Module v3 and cableMDK-M0041-1-01
C12V/3A DC wall wart supply with XT60MPS-00005-1
DHires (IMX214) and Tracking (OV7251) image sensors and flexesMSU-M0084-1-02
EStereo image sensors and flexes (OV7251) (QTY2 sets shown)MSU-M0015-1-02

VOXL2 Hardware Overview


First Power On

NOTE: Please exercise ESD safety precautions and have electronics knowledge when interfacing with the hardware.

Using the image above as reference:

  • Connect power cable to VOXL2 (A to B)
  • Connect power cable to power module (B to C)
  • Connect power module to DC supply and plug in to wall

Three LEDs should illuminate GREEN (LED details found here).

The video above demonstrates how to power on VOXL 2, open a bash shell, and run example open source VOXL SDK programs shipped with the hardware.

Connecting Image Sensors

Some development kits come with image sensors and flexes. The following video demonstrates how to setup the “C11” configuration which contains 2 stereo pairs, tracking and hires image sensors.

Modems Options

VOXL 2 offers many modem options to get you onto an IP network.

5G Cellular Connectivity

MCCA-M0090 Modem Carrier Board with a Quectel 5G Modem with USB2/3 ports:


4G Cellular Connectivity

MCCA-M0030 4G/LTE Modem and USB hub:


Microhard Connectivity

MCCA-M0048 Microhard Modem Carrier Board with USB hub:


Wi-Fi Connectivity

MCCA-M0078 USB Expansion Board with Alfa Network AWUS036ACS 802.11ac AC600 Wi-Fi Wireless Network Adapter:


Ethernet Connectivity

MCCA-M0078 USB Expansion Board with Apple A1277 Ethernet Adapter: