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Using USB to Ethernet with VOXL

Table of contents

  1. Summary
  2. Setup using VOXL USB Expander Board
    1. Required Hardware
    2. Hardware Setup


Resources for using Ethernet on VOXL platform. Allows VOXL to communicate with other devices via Ethernet. There are two different hardware configurations below to choose from.

Setup using VOXL USB Expander Board

voxl-dk voxl-dk

Required Hardware

  • VOXL
  • VOXL USB Expander Board (Usage info can be found here)
  • USB Type-A Female to JST Cable (MCBL-00009-1)
  • USB to Ethernet Adapter (Here is one that is known to work)
  • Ethernet Cable

Hardware Setup

  • Disconnect power from the VOXL
  • Attach the daughter board’s J1 connector to VOXL’s J13 connector
  • Attach the MCBL-00009-1 cable to the USB2 Host connector on the daughter board
  • Attach the USB male side of the USB to Ethernet adapter to the USB female side of the MCBL-00009-1 cable
  • Connect the Ethernet cable to other side of the USB to Ethernet adapter
  • Connect other side of the Ethernet cable to the device you would like to communicate with
  • Reconnect power to the VOXL