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librc_math is a fork of the librobotcontrol project that strips away everything except the math portion. It is now maintained independently and provides core math functions for projects such as voxl-vision-hub. The voxl package contains borth 32 and 64 bit shared object libraries as well as the plethora of testing and benchmarking tools in 64-bit form.

Since librc_math is a fork, the original Robot Control library documentation is valid and available at

However, it is evolving and new functions are added regularly. The headers are self-documenting, up-to-date, and available on Gitlab.

The following test programs are available as part of the package, they all serve as example usage of the library:


yocto:/$ rc_ {TAB}
rc_benchmark_algebra           rc_test_matrix
rc_test_algebra                rc_test_polynomial
rc_test_complementary_filters  rc_test_quaternion
rc_test_filters                rc_test_vector