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VOXL 2 PX4 Quickstart

Table of contents

  1. Overview
    1. HW Block Diagram
    2. SW Block Diagram
  2. How to Setup a MAVLink Connection
    1. IP Conenction
    2. voxl-mavlink-server
    3. voxl-vision-px4
    4. Checking PX4 Status
    5. Related Video
  3. How to Connect External Sensors
  4. How to Connect ESCs
  5. More Information


VOXL 2 ships with PX4 installed. Communications from VOXL 2/PX4 to ground control stations (like QGroundControl) are over IP, not USB, so a network connection is required.

HW Block Diagram


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SW Block Diagram

IP Conenction

  • PX4 ships on VOXL 2 by default and runs on startup
  • Obtain an IP connection using a modem (see here for details)
  • Locate the IP address where your Ground Control station is located
  • Connect to VOXL 2 using adb or SSH

Enable the voxl-mavlink-server by running the following and selecting the factory options:



Enable voxl-vision-px4 by running the following, selecting the factory options, and using the IP address of your ground control station when prompted:


You can edit the ggc_ip address in /etc/modalai/voxl-vision-px4.conf directly instead of running the wizard in the future.

Checking PX4 Status


The following services are required to be running:

  • voxl-mavlink-server
  • voxl-vision-px4
  • voxl-px4

The following video demonstrates how to setup VOXL 2 to connect to QGC using a Wi-Fi dongle:

How to Connect External Sensors

How to Connect ESCs

More Information