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VOXL Flight Deck Datasheet

Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. High-Level Specs
  3. 2D/3D Drawings
  4. Primary Flight Deck Connections
  5. VOXL Flight Connections


The VOXL Flight Deck Platform is a fully assembled and calibrated flight kit, ready to mount to a vehicle and attach a battery! It consists of the following core components:

To see an example of the VOXL Fight Deck in use, check out the VOXL-m500!

High-Level Specs

Take-off WeightTBD
ComputingVOXL Flight
Flight ControlPX4 on VOXL Flight
Image SensorsStereo, Tracking, 4k High-resolution
CommunicationWiFi built-in, LTE or Microhard optional
Power ModulePower Module v2
BatteryUp to 5S (not included, recommended)

2D/3D Drawings


Primary Flight Deck Connections

Below describes the primary connections needed to get the Flight Deck configured on a vehicle and flying.


AGPS InputDronecode Compliant GPS connection, 9optional when using [ModalAI’s PX4 branch)(/flight-core-firmware/), GPS not included
BUSB to QGroundControlConnect VOXL Flight to QGroundControl for configuring PX4 using included cable
CRC InputConnect to RC Reciever using included cable, RC Reciever not included
DUSB to VOXL (under)Connect to companion computer using adb over USB using Micro USB cable, cable not included
EPX4 MicroSD Card Slot (under)For PX4 logging, information on supported cards, SD card not included
FPower InputConnects included VOXL Power Module v3 using included cable
GPWM OutputConnects included PWM Breakout Board using included cable

VOXL Flight Connections

The VOXL Flight Deck consists of a VOXL Flight, with the detailed pinouts described here