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VOXL 2 Remote Controller Configurations


We are working to expand the capabilities of VOXL 2 every day. The built-in PX4 flight controller enables industry leading SWAP for an autonomous flight controller, but not every interface and flight controller are supported yet. This page provides an overview of available connectivity. If this connectivity is insufficient for your application, VOXL 2 is a world-class companion computer for autonomous navigation and AI when paired with an external flight controller.

Remote Controller Options for Built-in Flight Controller

InterfaceProtocolIncludes TelemetryInstructionsAdapterExample Hardware
GraupnerSBUS / UARTNoHereVOXL 2 I/OGraupner GR-16
TBS CrossfireUARTYesNot yet supported  
FrSky NoNot yet supported  
Futaba NoNot yet supported  
WiFiIP / MavlinkNoVOXL 2 Wifi Dongle User Guide Connect QGC over WiFi  
MicrohardIP / MavlinkNoMicrohard Add-on Manual  
Doodle LabsIP / MavlinkNoDoodle Labs User Guide  
CellularIP / MavlinkNo4G or 5G with voxl-vpn