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VOXL 1 (APQ8096) System Image


This page describes the Yocto System Image that runs on VOXL. In the VOXL Quickstarts, you can find details on how to flash the VOXL system image.

Yocto Jethro Linux kernel 3.18 Source, Build Instructions

Yocto Jethro Linux Userspace: Source to add new userspace packages.

Many new packages can be added using bitbake. We have a bitbake project that enables building new IPK packages for install on target here: Source

Do I need to install it?

If you have a VOXL 2, it comes pre-installed so there’s nothing to do unless you are looking to install a newer version.

If you are having problems with your system, please ask questions on the forum before reflashing the system image.

Download Location

You can download the system image from our protected downloads page. Although this is usually not necessary since the system image is bundled in our Platform Releases.


VOXL ReleaseRelease Notes
modalai-4.0.0* CCI direct support
modalai-3.8.0* Added RNDIS host driver to the kernel
* Add arm64 to opkg arch.conf
* Remove docker-support and libgphoto2 packages (No longer needed)
modalai-3.6.0* Add CONFIG_USB_NET_CDC_EEM=y to support Trellisware TW-650 radio
* imx214 60fps
* Fix voltage on CAM0 2.5v to 2.8v
modalai-3.3.0* change inodes to 3m on data partition
* add quectel modem support
* add aarch64 opencl
* v1.0.2 camera repo with multiple ov7251 drivers for 8 bit, vflip, hflip, vhflip(180 rotation)
modalai-3.2.0Camera Pipeline:
* add TOF in camera slot 0 to camera_config.xml
* remove IMX214GP and IMX378 entries in camera_config.xml
* set default imx214 driver to imx214_rot in camera_config.xml
* comment out annying log messages about focus set to infinity and mIsDepthCamera == false
* disable analysis stream regardless of persist parameters and persist.stereo.analysis.enable
* updates to support TOF mode 5 and 9, selectable at run-time
* enable raw mode for all native resolutions
* enable support for two concurrent hi-res cameras
* imx214: add driver with inverse readout (rot180) (additional .so)
* ov7251: update maximum gain and exposure settings per spec sheet
* ov7251: add driver with raw8 output (additional .so)
* imx477: fix lens roll-off correction

TOF-Bridge / libtof-interface:
* update dep royale-spectre to 0.0.3
* change library and ipk name to libtof-interface (from libtof_interface)
* disable using reset pin by default, since camera pipeline already resets the sensor during start-up
* updates to support TOF mode 5 and 9, selectable at run-time, add checks and cleanup
* change the lib and package name to libtof_interface, add ipk dependency on libroyale-331-spectre-4-7
* add persist param for selecting camera port used for TOF, which is used to determine the gpio pin for device reset

Royale Spectre
* modify the lib install process to make yocto happy (install to /usr/lib/royale first then copy to /usr/lib/ in postinst)
* export common royale headers to ipk, will be installed to /usr/include/royale
* disable toggling of GPIO0 in order to enable concurrency with Stereo
* install royale and spectre libs directly to /usr/lib/

* update library dependency to libtof-interface, since the lib was renamed
* removed proprietary PMD headers (they will be coming from royale-331-spectre-4-7)
* changes to support selecting tof mode and fps
* remove libtofbridge.a and royale and spectre .so libs, since they are part of platform build
* add autodetection of TOF camera port
* enable tof processing by default if param is not set
modalai-3.1.0Added rsync, screen, and libgphoto2 packages
modalai-3.0.0Added factory bundle 1.0.1 into the system image. Added gstreamer OMX and extra plugins to the system image. Bumped Avahi version to 0.6.32-r12.0.
modalai-2-5-3 (beta)Adds support for:
*IMX412 image sensors
* imx412: enable full range of gains and exposures
modalai-2-5-2Adds support for:
* VOXL HDMI Input Accessory (Auvidea B102)
* Microchip lan75xx Ethernet devices (VOXL Microhard Add-On v2)
modalai-2-3-0Updated to new PMD libraries for latest Time-of-Flight modules (A65) module
modalai-2-2-0Added kernel driver support for FTDI Serial IO devices
modalai-2-1-0Updated to new build architecture (Docker, meta-voxl, meta-voxl-prop)
Adds support for:
* WP760x Sierra modems
* Microchip lan78xx Ethernet devices
* /bin/ar fix
modalai-1-10-0Removed CONFIG_ANDROID_PARANOID_NETWORK config from kernel to fix ping permissions problem when running docker images
modalai-1-9-0Adds support for:
* SCTP sockets
* IM214 image sensors
modalai-1-7-0Increase /data/ parition to 16GB
modalai-1-6-0Fix for DNS issue, adds virtualization support for Docker
modalai-1-5-0Uses open source kernel
modalai-1-3-0Adds support for:
* external cellular modems
* PMD Time of Flight cameras over MIPI
* UVC (webcams)