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The voxl-px4 package provides the infrastructure to install and run the PX4 flight controller as a Linux service on QRB5165 based platforms (VOXL2, VOXL2 mini, and RB5 Flight).



The voxl-px4 project is essentially a wrapper for the QRB5165 based build of the PX4 Flight Controller. The PX4 flight controller and other related components are open source projects and have extensive online documentation to describe what they are, how to use them, and how to develop with them. It is recommended to start with that documentation to build an understanding of PX4 and how it is generally used. This documentation focuses more on how the QRB5165 based implementation of PX4 is unique and the aspects of it’s use and/or development that differ from the standard use cases. Furthermore, this documentation is specific to the VOXL SDK 1.0.0 release.

Please refer to the following sections for more details. It is recommended to start with the system architecture section to get an idea of how the QRB5165 based build of PX4 differs from other implementations.

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