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VOXL Hardware Setup


  • Connect the power cable to J1 as shown
  • Connect the other side of the power cable to the VOXL Power Module as shown
  • Connect one side of the USB cable to the host computer and connect the other side to J8 as shown.
    • Note: the Micro USB connector will consume only a portion of the USB 3.0 port. A USB 3.0 cable can be used as well.
  • Now plug in the power supply (5V/6A DC output) to the wall, and plug it in to the VOXL Power Module barrel jack as shown

WARNING: If your Power Module has a barrel jack, DO NOT plug anything other than 5V into the barrel jack or you WILL DAMAGE THE BOARD. The barrel jack bypasses the regulator and feeds VOXL directly.

Next Step: Set up ADB