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How to Fly using LTE with VOXL and PX4

Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. Getting Connected
  3. Backup Control
    1. RC Control for safety pilot
    2. Joystick Control over LTE
  4. Alternate Flight Controllers
  5. Demo


Useful Resources:

Getting Connected

On the VOXL, the LTE connection will need to be configured in order to connect to the network. LTE v2 Modem Instructions here. In order for the QGroundControl station to find the VOXL connected over LTE, the VOXL’s IP address needs to be reachable. There are two methods:

  1. Static IP obtained through cellular carrier
  2. Use a cloud man-in-the-middle setup with VPN

To connect the QGroundControl station to the VOXL, it just needs an internet connection. This could be from your facility’s Wi-Fi network. If you’re going out to the field , an internet connection is needed through a cellular dongle.

Backup Control

RC Control for safety pilot

Often a backup R/C controller such as Spektrum or Futaba are used for safety. The range of the R/C controller is limited where the range of LTE is significantly further, as far as the network will take you. PX4’s lost-link behaviour needs to be configured through QGroundControl to handle lost safety R/C.

Joystick Control over LTE

Joystick control can be routed through QGroundControl if joysticks are connected to the same computing device that is running QGroundControl.

Alternate Flight Controllers

Other flight controllers that use MAVLink, such as ArduPilot, should work but are not well tested by ModalAI