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Image Sensors

Documentation for ModalAI’s range of tracking, Hi-Res, Time of Flight, and Stereo image sensors.


Image Sensor Catalog

M0014OV7251 167° Tracking Sensor Module 9cm Flex STEP Datasheet
M0015OV7251 Stereo Sensor Module   Datasheet
M0024IMX214 4k Sensor Module (M8 lens 10mm x 10mm)   Datasheet
M0025IMX214 4k Sensor Module 8.5mm x 8.5mm   Datasheet
M0026IMX377 4k Sensor Module (M12 lens)   Datasheet
M0040PMD TOF Module3g  Datasheet
M0061-1IMX412 Framos VOXL Interposer   Datasheet
M0061-2IMX678 Framos VOXL Interposer   Datasheet
M0072OV7251 167° Tracking Sensor Module Molex Connector   Datasheet
M0073OV9782 RGB Global Shutter with IR Filter    
M0113OV9782 RGB Global Shutter without IR Filter    

Extending MIPI Image Sensor Cable Lenghts

It is strongly recommended to not connect multiple flex cables back-to-back to increase length beyond what ModalAI has shipped as a valid and supported configuration. The risk here includes:

  • Incorrect connector orientation risk resulting in sensor or Voxl failures (including power to ground shorts)
  • Adding mating cycles to connectors that have limited life span
  • Reducing reliability due to increased interconnect points
  • Increasing the length or creating a configuration beyond the data link limits ModalAI has already proven and supports

If your application needs an extended length for your image sensor, please contact ModalAI and we can explore a custom flex/cable hardware and software solution that will work for you.