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M500 Reference Drone Datasheet

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Table of contents

  1. M500 Reference Drone Datasheet
    1. High-Level Specs
    2. System Overview
    3. m500 Labeled
    4. PX4 Tuning Parameters
    5. Motor Configuration
    6. Connectivity for Remote Operation


High-Level Specs

Take-off Weight1075g with battery (820g w/o battery)
SizeLength: 15.5”
Width: 15.5”
Height to:
- Bottom Plate: 2.25”
- Top of Flight Deck: 4.5”
- Top of GPS: 8”
Flight Time>20 minutes
Payload Capacity (Impacts Flight Time)1kg
Motors2216 880KV
Propellers10” (1045)
ESCs*BLHeli 20A
ComputingVOXL Flight
Flight ControlPX4 on VOXL Flight
Image SensorsStereo, Tracking, 4k High-resolution
IP CommunicationWiFi built-in, LTE or Microhard optional
R/C (Remote Control)Configured for Spektrum DSMX (either DSMX-SPM9645 or DSMX-SPM9745), compatible with most DIY R/C systems through expansion I/O on Flight Core
Power ModulePower Module v3
BatteryUp to 5S (not included, recommended: Thunderpower TP3400-4SPX25 - select XT60 connector) or GensAce 3300mAh 11.1V 50C 3S1P Lipo Battery Pack With XT60 Plug
Additional ComponentsN/A
Landing GearPolycarbonate Round Tube 1/2” OD, 3/8” ID, Clear
Battery StandoffsScrews: Black-Oxide Alloy Steel Socket Head Screw, M2.5 x 0.45 mm Thread, 20 mm Long 91290A108
Spacers: Aluminum Unthreaded Spacer, 4.500 mm OD, 14 mm Long, for M2.5 Screw Size 94669A108

System Overview

View in fullsize m500-.png

m500 Labeled

View in fullsize m500-labeled.png

PX4 Tuning Parameters

Our engineers have spent a lot of time finely tuning this vehicle, and the parameters are available here

Motor Configuration

The propellers have arrows on them as to which way they should turn. Motor configuration in the image below.


Connectivity for Remote Operation

Connectivity OptionUse CaseDetails
Spektrum R/CManual remote control of the vehicleConfigure
WiFiShort range (~100m) IP connectivity for debug and nearby flightsSetup
LTELong Range, BVLOS operationUser Manual
MicrohardMedium Range (1-3km) IP connectivity for control, telemetry and video