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Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. devcfg
    1. VOXL 2 - M0054
      1. Version 8
      2. Version 7
      3. Version 6
    2. RB5 Flight M0052


Together, the Qualcomm Universal Peripheral v3 and the TrustZone provide access to various protocols on various hardware interfaces. Trustzone is a necessary component that requires updates to in order to change protocol/interfaces.

Trusztone images are flashed during the system image installation (devcfg.mbn). The toolchain and source code to build the Trustzone image are unfortunately not open source.


VOXL 2 - M0054

QUPProtocolQRB5165 GPIONotesConnector/RoutingDeviceNotes
QUP0 0x980000SPI28-31Camera Group 0 SPIJ6 - 34,36,38,40, apps proc/dev/spidev0.0sys image 1.3+
QUP1 0x984000I2C4-5Camera Group 1 I2CJ7 - 34,36, apps proc/dev/i2c-4sys image 1.5+
QUP2 0x988000I2C115-116HS B2B I2C2J5 - 8,9/dev/i2c-0 
QUP3 0x98c000SPI119-122Onboard IMU1, 42688p,U7, apps proc/dev/spidev3.0sys image 1.3+
QUP5 0x994000UART12-15Camera Group 2 UARTJ8 - 34,36,38,40/dev/ttyHS0sys image 1.4+
QUP7 0x99c000HS UART22-23B2B 2W UARTJ3 - 3,5/dev/ttyHS1sys image 1.3+
QUP9 0xa84000I2C125-126B2B I2C9J3 - 13,15/dev/i2c-1sys image 1.3+
QUP10 0xa88000I2C129-130B2B I2C10J3 - 23,25/dev/i2c-2sys image 1.3+
QUP11 0xa8c000SPI60-63HS B2B SPIJ5 - 53,56/dev/spidev11.0sys image 1.5+
QUP12 0xa90000debug34-35Debug Console (2W UART, 115200 baud)J3 - 27,29Not in perf buildsys image 1.3+
QUP13 0xa94000UART HS B2B UARTJ5 - 95,98 sys image 1.5+
QUP14 0x880000SPI40-43External SPI J10J10, apps proc,/dev/spidev14.0sys image 1.3+
QUP15 0x884000I2C44-45(internal use) /dev/i2c-3 
QUP19 0x894000HS UART2-3HS B2B 2W UARTJ5 - 48,49/dev/ttyHS2sys image 1.3+

Version 8

  • used in system image 1.5+
    • convert qup1 from SPI to I2C to expose apps_proc I2C on camera group

Version 7

  • used in system image 1.5+
    • enable qup2: I2C, for HS B2B J5 pins 8/9, support for M0130 add-on I2C on J8
    • enable qup11: SPI, for HS B2B J5 pins 53/56, support for M0130 add-on SPI on J8
    • enable qup13: UART, for HS B2B J5 pins 36-39
  • version 7, M0054-VOXL2(md5sum: 77366973052c03ce3eab57c1e92b490a)

Version 6

  • used in system image 1.3+
    • enable qup7: 2W UART, for B2B J3 pins 3/5, support for M0125 add-on UART
  • version 6, M0054-VOXL2(md5sum: 3698389194c899953c4e337a7b48cb97)

RB5 Flight M0052


Deltas from M0054 version 6 above:

QUPProtocolQRB5165 GPIONotesConnector/RoutingDevice
QUP5 0x994000UART12-15Camera Group 2 UARTJ8 - 34,36,38,40/dev/ttyHS3
QUP6 0x998000HS UART SOM WiFiinternal/dev/ttyHS0
QUP7 0x99c000HS UART22-23B2B 2W UARTJ3 - 3,5/dev/ttyHS4
QUP13 0xa94000UART38-39PX4 RC inputapps_proc, M0052-J12/dev/ttyHS1
QUP18 0x890000UART58-59PX4 GNSSapps_proc, M0052-J10/dev/ttyHS2
QUP19 0x894000HS UART2-3HS B2B 2W UARTJ5 - 48,49/dev/ttyHS5