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VOXL 2 Custom Expansion PCB

If you are comfortable designing and manufacturing custom PCBAs, an example add-on board for VOXL 2 with reference Altium schematic package can be downloaded here

For those without Altium, if you cannot get an online conversion or the 30-day trial period to work for you, here is another zip file of the generated outputs (SCH, BOM, 3D Step, ODB++, and an ASSY drawing with all relevant dimensions): Altium Generated Outputs

Note: When designing a custom expansion board, please be aware of these few pointers:

  • We will review your schematic as a courtesy. Please reach out and we will coordinate so you are note posting your IP on a public facing portal/forum
  • Not all GPIOs are created equal. There is a risk that some of your intended GPIO assignments may not work as expected.
    • The Snapdragon SoC is a very complex chip with many cores in it. Some of these cores can “claim” GPIOs making them unavailable to the Linux kernel. We try to check for these ahead of time, but are not able to assess all possible combinations, so this Linux User Guide shows what has already been validated on various SW builds. If you contact us ahead of time, we can check specific ones and try to make sure the SW is ready for it or if your application should select a different GPIO/Port
  • We are in process of developing a breakout board for J3 & J5 with options for re-routing ports to various functions. Check back soon, or reach out to us on the Forum for updates on this design.