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VOXL Quickstart

This section contains simple topics geared towards helping you get up and running with your VOXL Core for the first time. They are in a logical order that guides you through tasks a normal developer would typically go through to get started.

Quickstart Video

This Quickstart video walks through a simple VOXL Flight hardware and software installation

VOXL Quickstart Requirements

Before you start, you’ll need to gather up the following:


The VOXL Development Kit is available for purchase from here and contains the following:


ComponentPart NumberDescription
VOXL Core BoardMCCA-M0006Development board
VOXL Power Module v3NAProvides regulated power to the board
Power CableMCBL-00001Connects development board to regulator board, also available here
Wi-Fi Antennas (QTY2)MANT-00001also availabe here

Power Supply

A 5V/6A rated power supply is required:

ComponentPart NumberDescription
VOXL Power SupplyMPS-00001-1Recommended: GlobTek, Inc. WR9QA6000LCP-N(R6B) with Q-NA(R) plug, here and here

WARNING: You CANNOT USE common 12v power supplies even though their connectors may fit the Power Module’s barrel jack. The APM’s barrel jack bypasses the regulator and can accept 5V ONLY.

USB cable and Computer

The following will be required to interact with the VOXL:

  • USB 2.0 A-Male to Micro B Cable
  • Host computer running Linux flavour of your choice

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