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VOXL 2 Platform Release

Table of contents

  1. Summary
    1. What is it?
    2. Do I need to install it?
    3. Where To Download
  2. USB Cables
  3. Procedure
  4. Releases
    1. voxl2_platform_1.2.1-0.7


What is it?

A platform release consists of a system image and a release of the VOXL SDK.

Do I need to install it?

If you have a VOXL 2, it comes pre-installed so there’s nothing to do unless you are looking to install a newer version.

We will ship updates periodically, and you can follow the update procedure below to get those updates.

Please note, the VOXL SDK is where most of the updates take place that you will be interested in. Most SDK updates will not require a system image update, and so most can be gotten by running apt update and apt upgrade on the device when connected to the internet.

If you are having problems with your system, please ask questions on the forum before reflashing the system image.

Where To Download

Platform releases can be found on our Protected Downloads Page

USB Cables

It is recommended to use a USBC to USBA cable.

We have seen issues with USBC to USBC cables on some host machines.


NOTE: The following commands are all ran on the host computer, not on VOXL 2.

  • Unzip the download, in this example we’ll assume the download name was voxl2_platform_M.m.b-X.x.tar.gz where M.m.b is the version of the System Image, and X.x is the version of the VOXL SDK / VOXL Suite
tar -xvf voxl2_platform_M.m.b-X.x.tar.gz
  • Get ready to run the script by going into the directory you just unzipped
cd voxl2_platform_M.m.b-X.x
  • Run the following:
  • If everything flashed successfully, you should see a message at the end showing how to configure the drone:
    |     Done installing voxl-suite for QRB5165        |
    |                                                   |
    |         Please visit our online guides at         |
    |                |
    |                                                   |
    |      To configure Modal Pipe Architecture (MPA)   |
    |       services, please run voxl-configure-mpa     |
    |                                                   |
    | To see what MPA services are enabled and running, |
    |           please run voxl-inspect-services        |
    |                                                   |
    |   To see a list of MPA utilities available, adb   |
    |      or ssh into VOXL and type voxl{TAB}{TAB}     |



System Image: 1.2.1

SDK Version: 0.7

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