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Qualcomm RB5 AMR SLAM features

Table of contents

  1. RB5 AMR Offboard/Autonomous Mode Setup

RB5 AMR Offboard/Autonomous Mode Setup

Power up RB5 AMR and your host computer. Start up QGroundControl. QGC’s status will report Ready. Offboard mode is the default mechanism for autonomous operation, and is based on the PX4 Mavros Template for offboard operation. See more Here Currently, all AMR’s are shipped with an offboard mode ROS server running as well as ROS 1.0 pre-installed. You can confirm the server is ‘on’ by ssh-remote login when upon login the rb5-demo service is running.

rb5-agv-sensors.service              loaded active     running       rb5-agv-sensors                                        
rb5-camera-server@2.service          loaded active     running       "rb5-camera-server-2"                                  
rb5-chirp-server@1.service           loaded active     running       rb5-chirp-server-1                                     
rb5-demo.service                     loaded active     running       rb5-demo                                               
rb5-modem.service                    loaded active     running       Cellular Modem Initialization                          
rb5-net-check.service                loaded active     exited        rb5-net-check                                          
rb5-px4-start.service                loaded active     running       rb5-px4-start                                          
rb5-qvio-server.service              loaded active     running       rb5-qvio-server                                        
rb5-streamer.service                 loaded active     running       rb5-streamer

Upon arming the vehicle and selecting Offboard Mode on the game pad or QGC, RB5 AMR will proceed to a 2 goal (waypoint) trajectory where the 2 points are 1 meter apart. The visual result is the AMR moving in a back-and-forth line motion. Please refer to the PX4 mavros documentation on further programming of RB5 AMR.

WARNING: Obstacle avoidance is turned off by default, so please keep clear of a 1 meter space around the vehicle while it is in this mode.