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Qualcomm Connect RB5 AMR to QGC

Table of contents

  1. Connect to QGroundControl
  2. Connecting via QGC Gamepad
  3. Connecting Via RC

Connect to QGroundControl

In order to connect to QGC, ensure that your host computer is connected to the same network as your Qualcomm Flight RB5.

If PX4 is running and both devices are connected to the network then the Qualcomm AMR RB5 should automatically detect the host PC running QGC and connect.

Connecting via QGC Gamepad

Currently the only method to manually control the RB5 AMR is through QGroundControl (QGC) USB GamePad.

Take your gamepad and plug it into the host computer. In QGC, the Vehicle Setup Panel will show a Joystick option:


Select Joystick and confirm your joystick settings, button assignments, and calibration.


One note is to make sure in the Advanced Tab is that Center Stick is Zero Throttle is selected as most game pads are ‘centered springed’. More information on joystick setup can be found Here

Connecting Via RC

It is highly recommended to use a gamepad/laptop/computer when operating RB5 AMR. However, an R/C receiver is installed and included to operate RB5 AMR via traditional R/C transmitter like Futuba/Spektrum/FrSky. To use RB5 AMR via RC, you will need to bind your transmitter by following the directions Here

Note: For advanced users, a ROS based gamepad or control mechanism can also be used.

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