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Qualcomm RB5 AMR PX4

Qualcomm RB5 AMR uses a ModalAI Rover version of PX4 to operate the vehicle.

See Here to check PX4 Status

Upon setting up WiFi and PX4, we recommend you check the operational status of the AMR. On the user’s host computer, remote login to the AMR via ssh. Bring up a terminal (powershell on windows, gnome-terminal on linux) and run the following:

The password is oelinux123 and the IP address is the one used in the ‘Connect Network’ instructions

ssh root@(ip-address)

Upon successful login, you should see the following displayed:

rb5-agv-sensors.service              loaded active     running       rb5-agv-sensors                                        
rb5-camera-server@2.service          loaded active     running       "rb5-camera-server-2"                                  
rb5-chirp-server@1.service           loaded active     running       rb5-chirp-server-1                                     
rb5-demo.service                     loaded active     running       rb5-demo                                               
rb5-modem.service                    loaded active     running       Cellular Modem Initialization                          
rb5-net-check.service                loaded active     exited        rb5-net-check                                          
rb5-qvio-server.service              loaded active     running       rb5-qvio-server  

More information on modifying and customizing the RB5 AMR PX4 and RB5 SDK services can be found Here

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