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Qualcomm RB5 AMR First Drive

Table of contents

  1. Power Up
  2. Manual Mode Control

Power Up

Safety First: RB5 AMR has a safety process for initialization

RB5 AMR is equipped with an emergency stop mode via an ESTOP switch (the computer always receives power, but the motion controller is unpowered). Push the ESTOP switch to prevent unintended motion.

Power up the system by switching the main power switch to the on position.


When ready or armed, turn the ESTOP switch (it will pop) to permit motion control, allowing RB5 AMR to move its wheels. In the event of a safety condition (e.g. run away, fire, stuck motion, mechanical failure, etc), or any need to put RB5 AMR into a safety state, like when being picked up or handled, push the ESTOP button.


Manual Mode Control

Power up RB5 AMR and your host computer. Start up QGroundControl, and QGC status will show as Ready


On your Joystick, enable Arm mode, and RB5 AMR will report in QGC that it is Armed and in Manual mode

You can not move the vehicle using the right gamepad stick. The following is typical a setup.


When in Position Mode the control sticks change behavior. Position mode essentially is a heading-hold mode where the vehicle will hold the current heading as it moves. You can change the target heading using the change-heading stick.


Next Step: SLAM Features